45Min Kickboxing Class

We are looking for goal focused, hard working determined fun loving kick boxing enthusiasts!  This program compiles upper body, lower body, butt/gut and flexibility.  You have unlimited 45 minute workouts.  Sundays will be your weekly check in.  

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Personal Training and Nutrition

Included in our Fit Kick 45 program you receive a full, easy to follow meal plan, help with macro tracking, prizes and a DIY assessment.  Additional spots are available to book for nutrition or personal training help!

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What our customers are saying...

I'm new to Spruce Grove, and fairly new to boxing.  I've committed myself to a year membership.  I'm two classes in, and love the atmosphere and training.  I look forward to see where I'm at in a year from now.  It makes me consider competing.

Cory John Montgrand